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What is the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in medical colleges of Abroad?

The applicant must be above 17 years of age and has passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad. She/he must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects and obtained a minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined.

Can I practice in India after completing my medical education abroad?

Yes, you can practice in India. In order to practice as a medical practitioner you have to register yourself with the State or Indian Medical Council. For this you have to appear for a screening test. On clearing the screening test you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice with all other doctors.

Can I get a job in a Government Hospital or allied medical institutions in India?

Yes, after clearing the screening test and getting your registration with the State or Central Council you are eligible for any government appointment.

What is MCI Screening Test?

The Medical Council of India stipulates that all students studying MBBS program from Medical Colleges outside India and wanting to practice in India after completion of their program, need to appear for a a Screening Test.

What is the kind of food served to the students in Medical Universities abroad?

The university canteens provide all kinds of food. Some restaurants are also available which sere Indian food. Loaf Bread, Cookies, Pastries, Ice Cream, Canned Juices are available in plenty in all the college canteens and dining halls.

How many Indian students are studying MBBS abroad?

Ever year large number of students from India apply to study MBBS in foreign countries.

Can I get a bank loan and to what extent?

As per RBI regulation, an Indian student pursuing education abroad can obtain Bank Loan up to 15 Lac INR. Since the cost of the entire program is well within this amount the entire program can be funded from Bank Loan.

What is the medium of Instruction in Abroad?

The medium of Instruction is in ENGLISH. However local Language class is included for the First 2 years. This is to make the students stay comfortable by enabling him to communicate with the locals and more with patients.

Can my parents visit me?Can I travel during my holidays ?

Parents / friends / relatives of students can visit you. Tourist Invitations can be issued. There are two holidays in a year. Winter holidays during January for 15 days and summer holidays in July and August for two months. Students usually come back to India during summer. You can also choose to stay back in the summer for local sightseeing and travel in your student life, as you may not get such an opportunity again.

Is there any entrance examination for joining MBBS abroad? What is the admission process?

a. Admission is granted on class 12th marks.
b. Admission on a first come first serve basis

How do I make my travel arrangements? Who will receive me?

In the first year Education Abroad will arrange for travel of students in groups from India. You will be met by our representative in the airport who will assist you with travel to the University and settling in the Hostel / Flat.

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